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Little Bat lives in a nursery cavern with his mom. Usually he has nice warm milk for dinner. But, not tonight. His mom wants him to eat solid food, so he will grow big and strong. Tonight he has to try something new. Little Bat is pretty sure he won't like anything new, whatever it is.  Bravely, he sinks his fangs into some unfamiliar foods. Will he find a yummy meal or fly home hungry tonight?


Toddlers and preschoolers will relate to Little Bat's struggle to try grown-up foods as he flies through the countryside with his mom.


This gentle read probably won't get your kids to eat broccoli, but it will make them smile. (And maybe learn a little bit about bats.)


Russell Rides the Range  for Kindle Fire and in paperback!


It's trail ride time! Ride along with Pre-K cowboy Russell as he braves a fierce rainstorm out on the plains. This hardworking young cowboy keeps the spirit of the Old West alive creating his own adventures while riding his favorite stick pony Scout. Cowboy poetry for your favorite young cowpoke!


ISBN: 978-0-9916285-0-6 (Kindle Version)

ASIN: B00J75O0S2 (Kindle Book ID)

New for Spring 2015 !

Saint Patrick's Lullaby

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day and Irish-American heritage with this fun poem featuring lilting rhythm and sweet illustrations. Click on the Celtic Cross to view the hidden “Fun Facts” interwoven with the verses. Share the dream of love, hope, and peace that is the true legacy of St. Patrick with your favorite young reader!


ISBN: 978-0-9916285-4-4 (Kindle Version)

ASIN: B00TYVD22E (Kindle Book ID)

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Pumpkin, Pumpkin Round and Sweet ! A new twist on a favorite holiday nursery rhyme. Meet one happy little hog with a big sweet tooth as she gets ready for Halloween fun! Arlene Graziano's quirky patterned illustrations bring this story to life. Toddlers are sure to enjoy this non-scary introduction to a favorite October celebration!


ISBN:978-0-9916285-3-7 (Kindle Version)

ASIN: B00OAJ0AF2 (Kindle Book ID)

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  • About Me



    I'm an artist and a writer living in Texas. I mostly write and illustrate for younger readers. I love picture books and still remember how disappointed I was when I started having to read books with no illustrations.


    I started out making my own books with crayons and paper as soon as I figured out how to use a stapler. I called my first book "The Purple Cow".  My mom kept my kindergarten creation for about 40 years before giving it back to me.


    Now, I make most of my books digitally. I draw with computer software and create e-books, some of which still contain purple cows.


  • Need An Artist?


    I'm happy to talk with you about your artwork needs.


    I'm available for freelance work in illustration and surface design and am actively seeking work for hire in educational media,  either print or digital.


    I'm available to design custom fabric designs for clothing artists, costumers and interior designers.


    I'd love to help you with your project. Currently I am also available for independent authors who need cover art or spot illustrations for middle grade books. Right now I'm not available for full picture book projects.

  • C.V.


    Associations and Volunteer:


    I'm a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. When I can, I support my local art league (The Woodlands Art League) where I get to be a small part of art in action in my community. I volunteer at a local school library shelving and checking out books.


    Education and Experience:


    I attended the University of Texas at Austin and have a degree in History. In college, I learned to weave on a 4-harness loom and fiber became my obsession. After college, I left Texas for Colorado. While I was working there, I went back to school and became a computer programmer. I also went to art workshops in Denver and Boulder and I learned to spin yarn, weave baskets and make paper. I started experimenting with warp-painting and printing on fabric. From 1998 to 2002, I created linocut and woodcut relief prints. I sold and showed my work at art festivals in Colorado.


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